Solutions Conversion GPU Macbook A1286 A1297& A1398 to intel GPU

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    We have many conversion solutions for GPU macbook A1286 A1297& A1398 to Intel GPU. We do not EDIT EFI and BIOS. Can reset NVRAM and instant New Mac os. But Not running with Window OS (Solution for this run virtual drive) and not Working with External LCD (Solution for this user USB to HDMI).

    It is possible to transfer technology whole to you.

    1. A1286 A1297 - Date 2010 2011 2012 - Program Gmux - No jumper - No Edit EFI - No Mode BIOS - Can reset NVRAM
    - Program gmux working with model macbook A1286 date 2010 - 2011 - 2012 with code main 820- 2850; 820 - 2915; 820- 3330. A 1297 - 820-2914.
    - Program with U9600 - Lattice LFXP2-5E with Jtag - FPGA program
    - A1286 date 2012 (820-3330): Running Window os OK (intanst with USB)
    - A1286 date 2010-2011(820-2850 - 820-2915): not running with Window OS (if want run windows --> User Virtual Driver in Mac OS)
    - Not remove GPU

    1.1 Program gmux with LCD Mate ( it have Front panel with glass front)
    - Working with Extenarl LCD
    - Brightness: By software in apple Store
    - Program gmux not jumper
    - Working 90% with A1286 (2010 2011 2012) LCD Mate 1440 x 900. A1297 LCD Mate ( 2010 2011) 1920 x 1200

    1.2. Program gmux with LCD glossy (it have aluminum screen bezel front )
    - Working with 50% (jumper 100%)
    - Brightness: By software in apple Store
    - Program gmux not jumper


    Solution for sale : 250$
    Free all BIOS - Schematic - Boardview - ASD (apple service diaglogtic) of Macbook, imac.
    My Paypal info

    2. A 1286 & A1297 date 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - Jumper

    - Jumper working with model macbook A1286 date 2010 - 2011 - 2012 with code main 820- 2850; 820 - 2915; 820- 3330. A1297 date 2011 : 820-2914
    - Not running with Window OS (if want run windows --> User Virtual Driver in Mac OS)
    - Not remove GPU


    A1286 UMA 1.jpg

    A1286 UMA2.jpg
    Brightness by software

    Solution for sale : 100$
    Free all BIOS - Schematic - Boardview - ASD (apple service diaglogtic) of Macbook, imac.
    My Paypal info

    3. A1398 date 2012 -2014 with 1 or 3 Jumper it It is easy to do - copper wire tin 0.5 cm

    - Brightness: Normal with Mac os Sierra. Hight Sierra by software in Apple Store
    - Not running with Window OS (if want run windows --> User Virtual Driver in Mac OS)
    - Not have Sleep mode
    - Not remove GPU


    solution for sale : 100$
    Free all BIOS - Schematic - Boardview - ASD (apple service diaglogtic) of Macbook, imac.
    My Paypal info

    4. Remove password icloud - EFI and Changer Serial Number

    We can remove password icloud - EFI in Raw bios but can not instant new firmware. This solution will not cause any problem with the same new firmware: Boot slow, running slow, not boot with mac os, Invalid serial Number or different than bottom case of macbook... We work with old bios (edit hex editor)

    When you replace mainboard or instant new bios, serial Number different than bottom case of macbook. We edit hex editor give it the same bottom case of macbook.

    Solution for sale : 50$
    Free all BIOS - Schematic - Boardview - ASD (apple service diaglogtic) of Macbook, imac.
    My Paypal info

    5. Remove Anti - Gale Layer of LCD retina 2013 - 2017




    Solution for sale : 50$
    My Paypal info

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    Telegram: @UFOTech_sualaptop365
    Mobile - Whatsapp - Zalo: +8491 266 6465

    My Paypal info

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