samsung NP 300 troubel upgrade win7 to win 8

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    SAMSUNG NP300 E4E / E5E [i5] NP270 E4E / E5E i3 / dual coRe.UPDATE DARI7 KE OS 8.0, 8.1
    BC interchangeable patients samsung NP300E4E restart conditions continue, OS win 8,

    said owner runs in upgrade win 7 to win 8,
    let's analyze:
    Flash normal turns can not enter the bios, biarin just want to get the win eight minutes later restart to see his next preparing win 8 unfinished 1% restart maning {bms] so it continues not selesai2, we lepasin HDDnya can let go in bios, eeee turns e turns dinyalain only until samsung logo trus restart2, bios battery dilepasin no change, bios clamming 1000 bases, satu2 his way in the locker bios, tp do not have the firmware for NP300 FILE binnya rather large 8MB,
    solution # 1
    we update aja ME regionnya keversi higher [hm75 v.81.0.1248 to v.] using FITC v8.dah have new bin files stay we copy the BIOS,
    SIPPPP boot priority bios can dibuka.pada no 1.2.3.bisa we change tp after disave we put HDD, WE turn back still the same, [obbi Mesach.]
    solution # 2
    OUR FORMAT PARTITION systemnya, let vanished OS 8YG AGAIN rheumatism.
    PAIRS to NP300 maning, ready to reinstall [we use the same USB .TERnya still ask in repair terusrestart, we change bootablenya dibios, still, pdhal dah formatted system, rada dizziness.
    Just let us replace the HDD; can installsampai finished normal.aplikasi2kita post setandar first, the DFS down first, relief was finished, curious hidupin again who knows? LHO why again are like the original, KACAU2, coffee dlu.kita HDD compare YG NEW ORIGINAL SAME partitions, partition SAMA before the system partition recovery kecil2 them again forgot his name cinch FAT format,
    SOLUTION # 3
    TURN if only in format wrote recoverynya active so that can not be installed, the system partition at a small {2] delet aja, fitting installed select NEW later partisi2 they will automatically make their own laptop, nistal to completion until finishing the activation Win8 FINISH, NOT IN RESTART tHE PAST, BIOS UPDATE tO VERSION 08 [ORIGINAL 04] Go to samsung suport, it turns out the same bios other file2 not supplied ter separation, the packet SW UPDATE, DOWNLOAD aJA to completion, we attach fitting WIN 8 dotNET 3.5.CARI wrote dotnet create WIN 8, dOWNLOAD then plug, we put a new finish sw update that was downloaded, completed, select all ma install the update to complete, restrt, dug ..... .......... ducg dugggggan, smoothly win8nya ,
    good luck, we finish takes a little long, NGEBLENG / 24HR, LESS is more ......,
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