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    Life Nutra Keto Obviously you must have an adequate training table, dictated by a professional that is the guide of your exercises. But without a good diet, combined with adequate rest (about eight hours of sleep a day), muscle gain and / or weight loss will be slower and shorter. What you should eat before going to the gym before tackling the what, you must be clear about how. An error that many people make before going to the gym is to eat and immediately go to the sports center and start with the exercises, whether they are classes to improve cardio, weights for bodybuilding or bicycle. It is necessary to keep an hour of digestion between the meal before the gym and the start of sports. This way you will not repeat food and also the energy obtained will have already reached your body. Feeding before the gym depends in good part on the time of day when you have time to play sports. If you go to the gym in the morning, a good toast will provide you with the carbohydrates necessary to pull hard during your workout. If you are going to go in the afternoon, a lunch consisting of pasta, rice or potatoes, garnished with vegetables and a supplementary protein supplement is the ideal meal. And if you're going to go in the evening, to the above, add a couple of pieces of fruit, vegetable carbohydrates, healthy, fat-free and perfect to start the engine. The times are again essential. Many people believe that eating a good stew or stew is a good meal before the gym. This type of food contains many slowly absorbed carbohydrates, which take a long time to be processed by the body and therefore "weigh" in the stomach hours after being ingested. If you opt for this type of stronger meals and higher caloric intake, the waiting time to go to the gym must be greater, and the calories to burn during training also higher than in an exercise after eating rice or pasta , fast absorption hydrates. The basis of the diet combined with the gym is the rate of gain and loss of calories. For a person who wants to lose weight, the account must come out with a favorable balance for the loss of calories, since in this way the body will pull fat reserves during training and the subtraction of weight will be effective.

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